3-phase Power Distributors

  • Power-32/SCAN

    Power-32/SCAN - front view

    Specially designed for moving heads to distribute the incoming power properly.

  • Power-63/DUO

    Power-32/DUO - front view

    Ideal unit to distribute incoming 3×63A for two digital dimmers.

  • Power-63/DUO++

    Power-32/DUO++ - front view

    Same as the DUO with one RCD (63A) and one Digital Multi Meter unit.

  • Power-63/MIX

    Power-32/MIX - front view

    When you need Schuko and CEE outputs from 63A, this is the best alternative for you.

  • Power-125

    Power-125B - front view

    If you need to distribute 125 A, this unit should be the best choice.

  • RB series

    RB power distributor - front view

    This new power distributor series provides an alternative solution when our rack mountable power boxes don’t fit your installation requirements. The boxes are made from flame retardant HDPE and with IP44 protection for outdoor use.