• 3×63 A input via male CEE connector
  • Two three-phase 32A output via CEE32A 5P female connectors on the back
  • One AUX 16 A Schuko output on the back protected with C16A MCB
  • Two RCD protectors (30 mA) for each 32 A output
  • C32A 3×1P 4.5 kA circuit breakers for 32 A outputs
  • 4-pole main switch
  • Mains indicators

Technical Specifications

19” rack 3U 484×132×250 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
9.5 kg (net), 11.5 kg (gross)
Power-32/DUO - front view
Power-32/DUO - front viewPower-32/DUO - back view

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Order information

Order Codes

Order codeDescription
Mains input via fixed CEE plug on the back
Mains input via 1.2 m length 5×10 mm2 H07 rubber cable with CEE plug

Orderable options

Option codeDescription
1P+N circuit breakers
O3B-3P3-pole circuit breakers for 32 A outputs
4-pole circuit breakers for 32 A outputs
6 kA Icn circuit breakers
O3B-RCD100100mA RCD for 32 A outputs
O3B-RCD300300mA RCD for 32 A outputs
CEBEC socket for AUX output