RB series


This new power distributor series provides an alternative solution when our rack mountable power boxes don’t fit your installation requirements. The boxes are made from flame retardant HDPE and with IP44 protection for outdoor use.

All protecting elements are placed behind a polycarbonate window. Each output is protected with MCBs or RCBO (MCB-RCD combination) which gives the best protection for the operating environment.

Custom designed models are available on request.

RB power distributor - front view
RB power distributor - front viewRB power distributor - back view

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Order information

Available models

Order codeDescription
3×32 A input, 3× CEE32 3P outputs
3×32 A input, 6× Schuko outputs
3×63 A input, 3× CEE32 3P and 6x Schuko 16A outputs
3×63 A input, 2× CEE32 5P and 6x Schuko 16A outputs
3×63 A input, 6× CEE32 outputs
3×63 A input, 12× Schuko outputs

where ’-x’ means the protection of the outputs

  • -MCB: Protected with separated 1P circuit breaker
  • -RCBO: Protected with combined MCB/RCD (C type, 30mA)