Digital Dimmers

  • Pegasus FLX dimmersNew

    Pegasus FLX 12-channel dimmer/relay combo

    The new standard for mixed installations has been arrived from PLS. The FLX series give you a freedom to chose individually the output type per channel. It can be standard triac dimmer output or real mechanical relay which also controlled by DMX! Just select REL curve for the corresponding channel in the menu or throu RDM and you have a relay output (ideal for moving heads, LED bars, low power equipments or similar). In addition, if you select the PWR curve, the channel will be independently Live so the unit can be as a mix of power distro and dimmer. This is the perfect combo for nowadays installations!

  • Pegasus WM-24 dimmers

    Pegasus WM-24 dimmer

    The big brother of our famous WM-12 fulfi ll all requirements of architectural installations such as museums, interior light control, sport centres, and for many similar places where rack installation is not possible and you need 24 channels with small size as possible.

  • Pegasus HandyOne MK2 dimmersNew

    HandyOne MK2 with CEE output

    The second generation of our Handy One series is a robust, fanless single channel dimmer pack with high output fi ltering, specially designed for areas where the less noise is critical. It comes with full isolated DMX input, built-in potmeter for local control and easy mounting to trusses.

  • Pegasus Mini Master 3x5,7kW dimmers

    MiniMaster 3x5,7kW Front view

    This dimmer model is the 5,7kW version of our MiniMaster dimemr range.

  • Pegasus Master dimmers

    Pegasus Master dimmers

    The Pegasus Master series are the most powerful, cost-effective digital dimmers. Ideal for theaters, concerts, stage works, discos and similar places.

  • Pegasus Pro2 dimmers

    Pegasus Pro2 digital dimmer - front view

    This Pro2 dimmer family is the second generation of our well-known famous Pro series. Since we lounched the Pro series the life has been changed and following these changes we made a face lift with a user friendly interface and we integrated a lot common requested features which was missed by the users.

  • Pegasus xLite dimmers

    Pegasus xLite dimmers - Front view

    Our xLite dimmers are entry level, highly affordable and cost-effective dimmer solutions ideal for small theatres, culture centers or similar places.

  • Pegasus xLite 3×15kW dimmers

    Pegasus xLite 3×12kW digital dimmer - front view

    This dimmer has the biggest output capacity among the xLite series. It has the same features as the other xLite dimmers.

  • Pegasus Mini Master dimmers

    Pegasus MiniMaster dimmer – front view (rackable type)

    If you are looking for small 6-channel dimmer pack with the same features as our 12-channel Master dimmer has,the Mini Master is the best choice for you.

  • Pegasus Mini ECO 3×5.7 kW dimmers

    Pegasus Mini ECO 3-channel digital dimmer - front view

    This small dimmer is a newly developed 3-channel version of the Mini ECO dimmer series.

  • Pegasus Mini ECO dimmers

    Pegasus Mini ECO dimmer – front view (rackable type)

    This small unique dimmer is dedicated for users in need of a reliable, affordable and easily controllable 6-channel dimmer unit.

  • Pegasus WM-12 dimmers

    Pegasus WM-12 dimmer

    Our WM dimmer range has been designed for architectural installations such as museums, interior light control, sport centers, and for many similar places where rack installation is not possible. This version of the WM series comes with 12-channel dimmer and/or relay modules up to 16 A per channel.

  • Pegasus RiggDim dimmers

    Pegasus RiggDim-2 with Schuko outputs

    Installations often need only one or two DMX or locally controlled dimmer channels with the same quality as the big dimmer packs have.

  • Pegasus RP Digital Relay Packs

    Pegasus RP 12×2.3 kW - front view

    If you need a DMX switchable mains supply (230 V) for moving heads, hazers, LED bars and similar resistive, inductive or capacitive loads our new RP and MiniRP series provide the best solution for you.

  • Pegasus ARC-1 dimmer

    Pegasus ARC-1 digital dimmer

    This unit is a one-channel digital dimmer which is unique if you have to control only a few circuits in your architectural installation.