Pegasus ARC-1 dimmer


This unit is a one-channel digital dimmer which is unique if you have to control only a few circuits in your architectural installation. The output power can be up to 2.3 kW (10 A), which is controlled by phase angle control (TRIAC). The output level can be adjusted withfour methods:

  • 0-10 V analogue input (built-in +10 V output for potmeter)
  • DMX-512 input (binary selectable start address on DIPswitches)
  • Two pushbuttons (UP/DOWN) with selectable fade time (0 s-12 s)
  • Three pushbuttons (MAX/MIDDLE/MIN) with selectable fade time (0 s-12 s)

This single-channel architectural dimmer module comes with a test function for load checking. Control modes and fade times are selectable by DIP switches on the PCB. All control inputs can be connected in parallel to allow the control of more than oneunit in one time.

Technical Specifications

115 V / 230 V 50 or 60 Hz 10 A
75 μs between 10% and 90% at full load and 90° phase angle
Mouting type
Plastic PCB holder for TS and C rails
Operating temperature
0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
135×77×72 (W×H×D in mm)
Packaging dimensions: 140×85×80 (W×H×D in mm)
0.6 kg (net), 1 kg (gross)
Pegasus ARC-1 digital dimmer

Order information

Order Codes

Order codeDescription
ARC-1230V/50Hz mains
ARC-1/115115V/60Hz mains