Pegasus FLX dimmers


The new standard for mixed installations has been arrived from PLS. The FLX series give you a freedom to chose individually the output type per channel. It can be standard triac dimmer output or real mechanical relay which also controlled by DMX! Just select REL curve for the corresponding channel in the menu or throu RDM and you have a relay output (ideal for moving heads, LED bars, low power equipments or similar). In addition, if you select the PWR curve, the channel will be independently Live so the unit can be as a mix of power distro and dimmer. This is the perfect combo for nowadays installations!

The load can be any type (resistive, inductive or capacitive) in relay mode without minimum load requirement. Our implemented technology is not just a simple bypass switch as other companies do.

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Main features

  • 12×2.3 kW (12×10A), 12×3 kW (12×13A), 12×3,7 kW (12×16A) and 6×5.7 kW (6×25A) models
  • True225μs (12×10A) or True250μs (12×13A, 12×16A and 6×25A ) rise time filtering
  • Control signals indicated by green LEDs
  • AC outputs indicated by yellow LEDs
  • Three LEDs to mains/module state check
  • User friendly menu system with LCD and four push buttons
  • Test function to check outputs/loads
  • Internal chaser effects for standalone mode (steady and running ones)
  • Individually adjustable parameters for each channels like:
    DMX address (softpatch), PreHeat level, Control curve and Limit level
  • 8 built-in control curves and one user editable
  • 16-step sceen memory with DMX recording option
  • Configurable events for DMX signal failure (keep, fade out, or play selected memory)
  • Factory restore of parameters
  • Internal fan with two speeds plus off depending on internal heat (for low noise operation)
  • Overheat protection (dim down to 50%)
  • Overload protection by circuit breakers (1P, 1P+N or 2P) or 30mA 1P+N RCBOs
  • Line-Neutral swap detection at start up
  • SoftFlash handling to eliminate MCB strikedown
  • DMX-512 (DMX-512A ready) and optional analog (0-10 V) control
  • Optional 10 V output for small analog control desks
  • Option for backside XLR connectors
  • Optionally built with 30 mA RCD or with 4-pole main switch

Technical Specifications

(12×2.3kW model)
3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×40A via 1.5 m length 5×6 mm² H07 rubber cable without CEE plug
(all other model)
3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×52A via 1.5 m length 5×10 mm² H07 rubber cable without CEE plug
Output current / Filtering
(12×2,3kW model)
12×10A / 200μs
(between 10%-90% at full load and 90° phase-angle)
Output current / Filtering
(12×3kW and 3,7kW model)
12×13A or 12×16A / 250μs
(between 10%-90% at full load and 90° phase-angle)
(6x5,7kW model)
3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×50A via 1.5 m length 5×10 mm² H07 rubber cable without CEE plug
Output current / Filtering
(6×5,7kW model)
6×25A / 300μs
(between 10%-90% at full load and 90° phase-angle)
Control connectors
5-pole XLR Input-Throughput for DMX-512 (optically and power isolated)
15-pole SUB-D male for analogue inputs (optional)
  • Inputs are EFT/ESD/Surge protected according to EN 61000-6-2
  • 1P (optionally 1P+N) Icn 4.5 kA circuit breakers on the outputs (Icn 6 kA on request)
  • Internal thermal protection against overheat
Corrosion protection
Electrostatic sintering (RAL9005)
Operating temperature
0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
19” rack 3U 484×132×350 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
Package dimensions: 620×620×230 (W×H×D in mm)

18 kg (net), 20 kg (gross) / 12x10A model
20 kg (net), 22 kg (gross) / all other models

Pegasus FLX 12-channel dimmer/relay combo
Pegasus FLX 12-channel dimmer/relay comboPegasus FLX 12-channel with Schuko outputsPegasus FLX 12-channel with 1x24-pole Harting outputsPegasus FLX 12-channel with 2x16-pole Harting outputsPegasus FLX 12-channel with CEE16A/3P outputsPegasus FLX 12-channel with screw terminal input/outputsPegasus FLX 12-channel with 2x19-pole Socapex outputsPegasus FLX 6x5kW with 2x6-pole 35A Harting outputsPegasus FLX 6x5kW with screw terminal input/outputs

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Order information

Order Codes(*)

Order codeDescription
Schuko outputs
CEBEC outputs
FLX-12xx-UKUK BS13630 outputs
FLX-12xx-SW10A Swiss outputs
FLX-12xx-SW1616A Swiss outputs
FLX-12xx-PC20A Powercon outputs
FLX-12xx-H11×24-pole ’Harting’ output
FLX-12xx-H22×16-pole ’Harting’ outputs
FLX-12xx-SX2×19-pole ’Socapex’ outputs
FLX-12xx-CCEE16A 3-pole outputs
FLX-12xx-STBScrew terminal blocks for mains and outputs
FLX-625-H6x5.7kW with 2x6-pole 35A Harting outputs
FLX-625-PC6×5.7 kW with 32A Powercon outputs
FLX-625-STB6×5.7 kW with Screw terminal blocks for mains and outputs

(*) where 'xx' means the output current (10A, 13A or 16A)

Orderable options

Option codeDescription
O3D-DELTAStar-Delta input with 2P MCBs at outputs
O3D-BDMX input on the back of the unit
O3D-1P+N1P+N circuit breakers
O3D-6kA6kA Icn circuit breakers
Built-in RCD (40 A/30 mA)
Built-in main switch (4-pole)
O3D-CEEMains cable with CEE plug
O3D-AN0-10V analogue input
O3D-AN10V0-10V analogue input with 10V output
O3D-RDMInstalled RDM function
O3D-RUBRubber feet set (4 pcs)
O3D-BFKBackside fixation kit for rack mounting