Pegasus RiggDim dimmers


Installations often need only one or two DMX or locally controlled dimmer channels with the same quality as the big dimmer packs have. This unit has many useful options such as DMX input, built-in potmeter for local control and easy mounting to trusses.

  • Four different models: 2×1.4 kW (2×6 A), 2×2.3 kW (2×10 A), 1×2.3 kW (1×10 A) and 1×3.7 kW (1×16 A)
  • Schuko, CEBEC, UK BS13630, Swiss or CEE16A sockets for outputs
  • Power input via rubber cable with Schuko plug (except 2×2.3 kW model).
  • Other plug types are available on request.
  • Global DMX start address set on seven segment display by push buttons
  • Test function to check operation and loads
  • Optional C-hook plate for rigging

Technical Specifications

115 V / 230 V 50 or 60 Hz
Filtering (RD1xx model)
150 μs between 10% and 90% at full load and 90° phase angle
Filtering (RD2xx model)
75 μs between 10% and 90% at full load and 90° phase angle
Control connectors
5-pole XLR Input-Throughput for DMX-512 (optically and power isolated)
Operating temperature
0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
170×320×70 (W×H×D in mm + cable gland)
Package dimensions: 185×405×100 (W×H×D in mm)
2.5 kg (net), 3 kg (gross)
Pegasus RiggDim-1, 1-channel digital dimmer
Pegasus RiggDim-1, 1-channel digital dimmerPegasus RiggDim-2, 2-channel digital dimmer

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Order information

Order Codes

Order codeDescription
RD 110-x
1×10A model
RD 116-x
1×16A model
RD 206-x2×6A model
RD 210-x2×10A model

Where ’-x’ means the output socket type:

  • -S Schuko outputs
  • -F CEBEC outputs
  • -UK UK BS13630 outputs
  • -SW Swiss type outputs
  • -C CEE16A 3-pole outputs

Orderable options

Option codeDescription
115V/60Hz mains input
CEE plug for mains input
ORD-CHPC-Hook plate for 50mm tube mounting