Pegasus xLite dimmers


Our xLite dimmers are entry level, highly affordable and cost-effective dimmer solutions which are ideal for small theatres, culture centers or similar places.

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Main features

  • 12×2.3 kW (12×10 A), 12×3 kW (12×13 A) and 12×3.7 kW (12×16 A) output capability models
  • True100μs rise time filtering
  • Control signals indicated by green LEDs
  • Three LEDs for mains/module state check
  • Easy setup by push buttons and seven segment display
  • Test function to check channels one by one
  • Internal chaser effects for standalone mode (steady and running ones)
  • Internal fan with two speeds depending on internal heat (for low noise operation)
  • Overheat protection (dim down to 50%)
  • Overload protection by circuit breakers (1P, 1P+N or 2P) or 30mA 1P+N RCBOs
  • Line-Neutral swap detection at start up
  • Two adjustable parameters for each phase module (four channels in one group):
    • PreHeat: 0 % to 30 %
    • Control curve: Voltage Linear, Phase-Angle Linear and Switch
  • SoftFlash handling to eliminate MCB strikedown
  • DMX-512 (DMX-512A ready) and optional analogue (0-10 V) control
  • Optional 10 V output for small analogue control desks
  • Option for backside XLR connectors

Technical Specifications

(12×2.3kW model)
3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×40A via 1.5 m length 5×6 mm² H07 rubber cable without CEE plug
(All other model)
3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×63A via 1.5 m length 5×10 mm² H07 rubber cable without CEE plug
Output current / Filtering
(All models)
12×10A / 100μs
(between 10%-90% at full load and 90° phase-angle)
Control connectors
5-pole XLR Input-Throughput for DMX-512 (optically and power isolated)
15-pole SUB-D male for analogue inputs (optional)
  • Inputs are EFT/ESD/Surge protected according to EN 61000-6-2
  • 1P, 1P+N or 2P Icn 4.5 kA circuit breakers on the outputs (Icn 6 kA on request)
  • Internal thermal protection against overheat
Corrosion protection
Electrostatic sintering (RAL9005)
Operating temperature
0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
19” rack 3U 484×132×350 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
Package dimensions: 620×620×230 (W×H×D in mm)
16 kg (net), 18 kg (gross)
Pegasus xLite dimmers - Front view
Pegasus xLite dimmers - Front viewSchuko outputsCEE16A/3P outputs1x24-pole Harting output2x16-pole Harting outputs2x19-pole Socapex outputsScrew terminal input/outputs

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Order information

Order Codes

Order codeDescription
xLITE 12xx-SSchuko outputs
xLITE 12xx-FCEBEC outputs
xLITE 12xx-UKUK BS13630 outputs
xLITE 12xx-SW10A Swiss outputs
xLITE 12xx-SW1616A Swiss outputs
xLITE 12xx-H11×24-pole ’Harting’ output
xLITE 12xx-CCEE16A/3P
xLITE 12xx-H22×16-pole ’Harting’ outputs
xLITE 12xx-SX2×19-pole ’Socapex’ outputs
xLITE 12xx-2H24×16-pole ’Harting’ outputs
xLITE 12xx-2SX4×19-pole ’Socapex’ output
xLITE 12xx-STBScrew terminal blocks

where 'xx' means the output current per channel.

2H2 and 2SX versions is available only on 10A models.

Orderable options

Option codeDescription
O3D-DELTAStar-Delta Mains input with 2P MCBs
O3D-BDMX input on the backside
O3D-1P+N1P+N circuit breakers
O3D-6kA6kA Icn circuit breakers
O3D-CEEMains cable with CEE connector
O3D-AN0-10V analogue input
O3D-AN10V0-10V analogue input with 10V output
O3D-RUBRubber feet set (4 pcs)
O3D-BFKBackside fixation kit for rack mounting