DMX Accessories

  • Split-7/RDM DMX splitterNew

    Split-7/RDM DMX splitter - front view

    This new version of Split-7 is able to handle the new RDM standard what you can find nowadays in most installations. This splitter provides proper DMX isolation and boosting on each output with bi-directional communication according to RDM specification.

  • Split-7 DMX splitter

    Split-7 - front view

    Split-7 offers seven opto isolated and buffered outputs plus one throughput.

  • Split-7/RJ45 DMX splitterNew

    Split-7/RJ45 DMX splitter - front view

    Since rack mounting is unnecessary in several cases, and CAT5 wiring is often preferred instead of classic DMX cabling (via XLR connectors) we developed Split-7/RJ45.

  • SplitMax DMX splitter

    SplitMax DMX splitter - front view
  • xSplit-7 DMX splitter

    xSplit-7 DMX splitter - front view
  • Split-4 DMX splitter

    Split-4 DMX splitter - front view

    DMX splitter with four opto isolated and buffered outputs plus one throughput.

  • Repeater

    Repeater (line refresher) - front view

    One input one output booster (line refresher) unit.

  • Merger 2-1

    Merger - front view

    DMX Merger with 2 inputs and 1 output supporting HTP and Copy functions.

  • Demux-24

    Demux-24 - front view

    DMX-512 to 24 analog (0–10V) converter.

  • Demux-12/PCB

    Demux-12/PCB - front view

    DMX-512 to 12 analog (0–10V) converter. Ideal to make a DMX dimmer from an old analogue one.

  • Demux-4/PCB

    Demux-4/PCB - front view

    DMX-512 to 4 analog (0–10V) converter.

  • xCP 300 Colour Changer PSU

    xCP 300 Colour Changer power switching unit

    300W Switch mode power supply for color changers which is compatible with most color changers and their accessories (Gobo rotators, mirrors, etc.)

  • ExBox series

    ExBox 2412 unfolding box

    ExBox unfolding boxes provide professional and hassle-free connection between multicore cables and spotlight, moving head or similar equipments