ExBox series


ExBox unfolding boxes provide professional and hassle-free connection between multicore cables and spotlight, moving head or similar equipments. The housing of the box has been designed for stage installation or truss mounting via C hook (by M10 nut on the side of the box).

Currently 6 and 12-channel versions are available.

ExBox 2412 unfolding box
ExBox 2412 unfolding boxExBox 1606 unfolding box

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Order information

Order Codes

Order codeDescription
24-pole ‘Harting’ input/throughput, 12× Schuko output
24-pole ‘Harting’ input, 12× Schuko output
16-pole ‘Harting’ input/throughput, 6× Schuko output
16-pole ‘Harting’ input, 6× Schuko output

Socapex input/throughput on request.
Other types of outputs are also available, including CEBEC, UK BS13630, Swiss, CEE16A.