MOTION 12S Hoist controller series (Smart Range)


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Features of SMART Version:

  • 6-, 8- and 12-way versions
  • Automatic phase sequence correction
  • Automatic phase present/drop detection
  • Compatible with most common models like Chainmaster, Verlinde, CM Loadstar, Prolyft etc.
  • Compatible with EN62061 (SIL3 level), EN60204-1 (Safety of Machineries - General) and EN60204-32 (Safety of Machineries - Hoists and accessories)
  • Full link-able Start and E-Stop signal with other DYNAMIC or SMART models
  • Included link cable (2m)
  • Automatic Master/Slave detection
  • Local controllable directions
  • Local Start button and E-Stop
  • Remote controllable Start and E-Stop
  • 2x 3P C16A MCBs for motor power protections
  • Optional MCB strip detection for E-Stop
  • Two external E-Stop input (load cells or E-Stop buttons)
  • Independent AUX output for service light or similars
  • Outputs on CEE16A 4P or 5P sockets
  • Optionally multipin sockets (Harting or Socapex)
  • Indicators for line present
  • Mains via 1,5m H07 rubber cable with 32A/5P plug

Technical Specifications

Power input230V/400V 3P+N+PE; 3x32A
19” rack 484x350 (WxD in mm) 6U or 9U height (depends on model)
15kg-30kg (net, depends on model)
MOTION 12S Hoist controller series (Smart Range)
MOTION 12S Hoist controller series (Smart Range)MOTION 12D-SX Hoist controller BacksideMOTION Hoist controller series (Direct)MOTION 12D-H16 Hoist controller Backside w/ service door open

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Order information

Order code(*)Description
Motion-xxS-CSMART series hoist controller with CEE outputs
Motion-xxS-SXSMART series hoist controller with CEE and Socapex outputs
Motion-xxS-H16SMART series hoist controller with CEE and Harting outputs

Where 'xx' means the number of output channels (6, 8 or 12)

Only the first four channel have CEE outputs at 6 and 8-channel model with SX or H16!

Orderable options

Option codeDescription
OMC-MSMCB strip detection with key-lock disable function
OMC-RCBORCBO for AUX output (Combined MCB+RCD 30mA)
Remote controller for Smast series (Start and E-Stop with 10m cable)
5P CEE16A sockets instead of 4P
OMC-ESAdditional external E-Stop button with 15m cable and XLR connector