References illustrationYou can find our products in small and large theatres, culture centers, schools, sport arenas, concert tours, discotheques and fi lm shooting. Here are a few from the list:

Theatres, cultural centers and museums:

  • The Liszt Academy of Music, Hungary (5 dimmer cabinet / 84-120 channel per cabinet)
  • Opera House, Budapest, Hungary (210 channel of PRO2-5kW dimmer)
  • Kölcsei Cultural Center Debrecen (3 dimmer cabinet / 72-120 channel per cabinet)
  • Shakespeare Theatre Gdnask, Poland (16x WM1213C wall mountable dimmer)
  • BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Gujrat, India (12x PRO1210-RCD dimmer)
  • YLE Studios, Finland (16x CUTE dimmer/power distributor)
  • Nationaal Military Museum, The Netherlands (Close to 500 RDM splitter lines)

at Touring Companies:

    • ARRI Rental Munich, Germany (over 1200 dimmer
      channel by 3,7kW; 5,7kW and 15kW dimmers)
    • Klemm Concert Team, Hungary
    • Mobil Audio & Light, Hungary
    • Lajter Light, Hungary
    • Soul Light, Hungary
    • Omega Light, Hungary
    • Vision Team - ARRI Rental Partner, Hungary
    • PRG-EML Productions, The Netherlands
    • TAKE2 Rentals, UK
    • Konsertsystemer, Norway
    • Gamma Engineering, Lebanon
    • Pro-Feel, Cambodia
    • New-Vision Media & Cinema Service, Egypt

      …and many more places.

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