References illustrationOur products can be found everywhere, small and large theatres, culture centers, schools, sport arenas, concert tours and discotheques such as:

in Hungarian theatres:

  • József Attila Theatre, Budapest
  • Voitina Theatre, Debrecen
  • Kölcsei Cultural Center Debrecen
  • National Theatre, Pécs
  • National Theatre, Budapest (Studio)
  • Cultural centre of Mayor office, Székesfehérvár
  • Arts centre of Oroszlány, Siófok, Cegléd
  • Moulin Rouge, Budapest
  • Sport stadion of Győr
  • Special light control effects in The Phantom of the Opera

at Touring Companies:

  • Dry Light Ltd.
  • Klemm Concert Team
  • Mobil Audio & Light Ltd.

…and many more places.

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