• Digital Dimmers

    Digital Dimmers

    Digital dimmer products for any application from touring to installation.
  • Digital Relays

    Digital Relays

    DMX switchable mains supply (230V) for moving heads, hazers, LED bars and similar resistive, inductive or capacitive loads.
  • Power Distributors

    Power Distributors

    Power distributors are designed to distribute the incoming power line by different methods, and to provide security and efficiency for dimmers and other equipment. Please consider using proper power distribution…
  • Hoist controllers

    Hoist controllers

    Direct and low voltage hoist controllers. All riggers have to see our new range where everybody can find his best match product. Our hoist controllers are compatible with the most…
  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

    Our integrated solutions freely configurable to your need and will provide first class solution in touring and installation.
  • DMX Accessories

    DMX Accessories

    To distribute, manage or change DMX data on the network you can find different products in our portfolio.