iHoist-8LV-SX-MF in 3DiHoist-16R in 3D

The new development from PLS has arrived! Our product range is now extended with digital hoist controller series. Based on our Motion controllers the new line of these controllers come with bidirectional digital communication for easy and safe operation keeping the safety level in SIL3.

We recommend the ExBox HOIST-LV breakout boxes for this hoist controller.

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Main features
  • 8-channel Low Voltage hoist controller
  • All iHoist™ can be linked up to 96 channels with a digital cable and have only one handset for controlling multiply power units
  • Different size of handsets available (8-way, 12-way, 16-way, 24-way, 32-way, 36-way or custom-made channel count)  Note: handset have to have same or more channel count as the linked power controller channel count
  • Digital communication via 10-pin XLR connectors (made by Neutrik)
  • SIL3 E-Stop system included
  • Easily readable user interface for status monitoring (on power unit and on handset as well)
  • Master/slave mode when no handset on the system but controllers linked
  • Local control switches for direction control to use in stand alone mode
  • Automatic addressing of the system at startup (no need to address the controllers manually)
  • Feedback for status of the motors (motor present, limit switch activated)
  • E-Stop generated during movement when selected motor not present or limit switch activated
  • Normal and Pickle mode for motor power control (direction control enabled during pickle)
  • MCB state monitoring – E-Stop generated if any of the MCBs state changed after reset of the system (trip or switch on)
  • Two external E-Stop inputs for additional mushroom head E-Stop button(s) or load cell monitoring device(s)
  • Automatic phase aligns
  • Automatic phase present/drop detection
  • Different multipin output types (19-pin SOCA, Motorway SOCA or user specified)
  • AUX 16A output on CEE16A/3P and Schuko
  • 32A/400V TN-S mains 50/60Hz (other input type on request)
  • Forcibly guided relays/contactors used for direction control to ensure the proper de-energized  state monitoring (system disable the reset if any of the relay/contactor welded based on the  latest Machine Directive)
  • Compatible with:
    • EN62061 (Functional safety of machineries – SIL3 level)
    • EN60204-1 (Safety of Machineries – General)
    • EN60204-32 (Safety of Machineries – Hoists and accessories)
    • EN 17206 (Entertainment Technology – Machinery for stages)
  • Mains via 1,5 m H07 rubber cable with CEE 32A/5P plug

Mains3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60Hz) 3 × 32A via 1.5 m length 5×4 mm² H07  rubber cable with CEE plug
Safety protectionSIL3 according to EN 62061
Control connectors10-pole XLR Input-Throughput for digital communication (Input is optically and power isolated)
4-pole XLR for external E-Stop
Protections-3P C10A Icn 4.5 kA circuit breakers for two motors
-1P+N C16A Icn 4.5 kA circuit breaker for AUX 16A output
Corrosion protectionElectrostatic sintering (RAL9004, AkzoNobel)
Operating temperature0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
Dimensions19” rack 4U 484×178×350 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
Package dimensions: 620×620×250 (W×H×D in mm)
Weight20 kg (net), 22 kg (gross)

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