The Pegasus® Rack-24 is a complete solution for stages and touring. It contains two Pegasus Master or Pegasus Pro 12-channel dimmers, one 63 A power distributor (Power-63/DUO or DUO PLUS) and a 48/56-way HotPatch panel (with ST17/2 or ST17/3 connectors). We guarantee the highest quality and flexibility with this solution, and the robust flightcase protects your goods and ensures easy transportation.

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Main features
  • 24×2.3 kW (10 A) per output power with two outputs per channel HotPatch (48 outputs)
  • Rail mounted dimmers for easy service (see photo)
  • The HotPatch matrix outputs via on eight 16-pole ’Harting’ or on 19-pole ’Socapex’ and on eight Schuko connectors at the rear panel
  • Colour coded sockets and connectors for easy patch
  • Special HotPatch and output versions are available on request
  • Mains input on CEE63A 5P male connector on the rear panel
  • AUX 16 A output on the rear panel

Technical Specifications

Pegasus Rack-24

Built-in unitsTwo Pegasus Master or Pro 12-channel dimmers
One Pegasus Power-63/DUO or DUO++ distributor
One 48/56 HotPatch panel with cables
 Dimensions520×920×760 (W×H×D) mm (with covers)
 Weight80 kg


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