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Do you need simple way to supply power, make dimming and DMX splitting in one box? Here is the solution for you! Check out this 3×63 A Power distributor with twelve dimmer and dedicated hotpower outputs with up to 16A output per channel plus the integrated two-way DMX splitter and the AUX supply for your desks! Cute, isn’t it?

We recommend the ExBox 6-way Power breakout boxes for this dimmer/power distributor.

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CUTE-1216-H; CUTE-1216-SX
Main features
  • Digital dimmer and power distributor with 3×63A Mains input
  • 12-channel dimmer and direct outputs up to 16A per channel on 4×16-pole ’Harting’ or 4×19-pole ’Socapex’ sockets
  • AUX 16A CEE16A/3P output protected with separated RCBO on the back panel
  • C16A 1P circuit breakers (optionally 1P+N, 2P or RCBO) per output
  • 63A/30mA built-in RCD protector for the twelve outputs (or 4P main switch if RCBO selected for output protection)
  • Three LEDs to mains/module state check
  • Built-in two-way opto and power isolated DMX splitter
Mains3P+N+PE (230V/400V Star 50 or 60 Hz) 3×63A via 1.5m
length 5×10qmm2 H07 rubber cable with CEE plug
Filtering100μs between 10 % and 90 % at full load
and 90 ° phase angle
Corrosion protectionElectrostatic sintering (RAL9004)
Operating temperature0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
Dimensions (with rack)540×210×590 (W×H×D in mm with front/back covers)
Package dimensions: 550×600×230 (W×D×H in mm)
Dimensions (without rack)19” rack 3U 484×132×350 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
Package dimensions: 620×620×230 (W×D×H in mm)
WeightNet 20kg Gross 22kg (without rack)
Net 28kg Gross 30kg (with rack)

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