ME-616-S in 3DME-325-C in 3D

This small unique dimmer is dedicated for users in need of a reliable, affordable and easily controllable 6 or 3-channel dimmer unit. The power electronics are the same as in the Mini Master with reduced number of adjustable parameters for easy setup.

We recommend the ExBox 3-way Power and ExBox 6-way Power breakout boxes for this dimmer.

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ME-6xx ; ME-325
Main features
  • 6×2.3 kW (6×10 A), 6×3 kW (6×13 A) , 6×3.7 kW (6×16 A) and 3×5.7 kW (3×25 A) models
  • Mains input via rubber cable with CEE32A 5P plug or on screw terminal blocks
  • True100μs rise time filtering
  • Easy setup with push buttons and seven segment display
  • Control signals are indicated by green LEDs
  • Global DMX address set
  • Test function to check channels one by one
  • Internal chaser effects for standalone mode
  • Internal fan with two speeds depending on internal heat (for low noise operation)
  • Overheat protection
  • Overload protection by circuit breakers (1P, 1P+N or 2P) or 30mA 1P+N RCBOs
  • SoftFlash handling to eliminate MCB trip
  • DMX-512 (DMX-512A ready) and optional analogue (0-10 V) control
Star-Delta input for Mini dimmer range

If your power supply is 3P+PE 230V (specially in cruise ships or in Norway or in Belgium) instead of the 3P+N+PE (star connection) or both can be found in your area you can request this dimmer pack with Star-Delta mains input and the dimmer can connected to both mains networks (delta 230V or star 230V/400V). Outputs are protected with real 2P circuit breakers and the mains input via 7G4 rubber cable. All other features are the same as in the standard Mini dimmer series specification above.


(ME610 / ME613 / ME616 / ME325)
3P+N+PE (230 V/400 V Star 50 or 60 Hz)
3×20 A / 3×26 A / 3×32 A / 3×25 A via 1.5 m length 5×4 mm² H07 rubber cable with CEE32A 5P plug
Output current
(ME610 / ME613 / ME616/ ME325)
6×10 A / 6×13 A / 6×16 A / 3×25 A
Filtering100 μs (between 10%-90% at full load, 90° phase-angle)
Control connectors5-pole XLR Input-Throughput for DMX-512 (Input is optically and power isolated)
Protection-Inputs are EFT/ESD/Surge protected according to EN 61000-6-2
-1P, 1P+N or 2P Icn 4.5 kA circuit breakers or 30mA 1P+N RCBOs on the outputs
-Internal thermal protection against overheat
Corrosion protectionElectrostatic sintering (RAL7011)
Operating temperature0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
Dimensions19” rack 2U 484×88×350 (W×H×D in mm + connectors)
Package dimensions: 600×520×190 (W×H×D in mm)
Weight11.5 kg (net), 13 kg (gross)


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