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The big brother of our famous WM-12 fulfill all requirements of architectural installations such as museums, interior light control, sport centres, and for many similar places where rack installation is not possible and you need 24 channels with small size as possible.

Product details




24×1.4 kW (24×6 A), 24×2.3 kW (24×10 A), 24×3 kW (24×13 A) and 24×3.7 kW (24×16 A) basic models

Main features
  • Orderable Dimmer or Relay modules per four-channel groups (each module contains four channels, two modules per phases)
  • True100μs (10A/13A and 16A) rise time filtering for dimmer modules
  • Terminal blocks for input mains: 10 mm2 (24x6A models), 16 mm2 (24x10A model) or 35 mm2 (24x13A and 24x16A models)
  • 4 mm2 terminal blocks for outputs
  • Cabling on the top or through the backside
  • Possibility to connect outgoing cables through the bottom of the dimmer
  • Optional spacer profile to install the dimmer to the wall with 10cm distance
  • Main switches, main MCBs or RCDs for incoming mains protection
  • Easy menu control with four push buttons and large blue LCD
  • Optional Dual opto- and power isolated DMX input with Merge or DMX-1024 mode (possible to use two separate control desk to control the light levels)
  • Individually selectable parameters per channel:
    • DMX address
    • Preheat
    • Maximum output level
    • Control curve (Linear, Logarithmic, Square, BBC, Switch and Custom editable)
  • Sixteen isolated dry contact input for internal scene memories playback
  • DMX record function to store DMX levels (scenes) to internal memory
  • Selectable fade-in and fade-out times for memory playback
  • HTP / no HTP priority with DMX when memory playback is active
  • Built-in test function to check individually the outputs
  • Configurable events for DMX signal failure


Pegasus WM-24 dimmers

(WM2406 / WM2410 / WM2413 / WM2416)
3P+N+PE (230 V/400 V Star 50 or 60 Hz)
3×48 A / 3×80 A / 3×104 A /3×125 A
via screw terminal blocks
Output current
(WM2406 / WM2410 / WM2413 / WM2416)
24×6 A / 24×10 A / 24×13 A / 24×16 A
Filtering100 μs (between 10%-90% at full load, 90° phase-angle)
ProtectionInputs are EFT/ESD/Surge protected according to EN 61000-6-2
1P, 1P+N or 2P Icn 4.5 kA circuit breakers on the outputs (Icn 6 kA on request)
Internal thermal protection against overheat
Corrosion protectionElectrostatic sintering (RAL7011)
Operating temperature0 °C to 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
Dimensions500×960×125 (W×H×D in mm)
Package dimensions: 650×1100×250 (W×H×D in mm)
Weight33 kg (net), 36 kg (gross)

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