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Modular dimmer system with 20 power modules (maximum 120 channel per cabinet), hot swapable 1, 3 or 6-channel modules. Comes with remote management software


Platinum x120
Main Features
  • 20 power bay positions (up to 120 channel per cabinet)
  • Hot swapable bays (1)
  • Automatic bay type recodnize
  • High breakable fuses for input protection of all bays
  • 3x400A (optionally 3x630A) bus bar supply (upper or lower cable input connection)
  • Output connection on screw terminals  (upper or lower cable input connection)
  • Optionally load current monitoring per phases per cabinet
  • Forced air cooling with front air inlet and top air outlet
  • 62x62cm footprint free stand (cabinets can be stacked next to each other)
  • Backside wiring thru service door, no need to pull out modules for wiring (min 70cm free space need from wall)

Functions of the central processor:

  • Dual procesor control (main and backup procesor modul, automatic switch to backup processor in case of fault)
  • Graphic LCD and 8+4 navigation buttons for menu caontol
  • Digital control thru DMX and Ehternet (Artnet or optionally sACN)
  • Remote Device Management thru Ethernet (based on Artnet communication) with optionally order able diagnostic software (Windows PC based)
  • 16x isolated dry contact input to control stored sceens play (1 input is dedicated panic light, the 15th input for memory sequence play, the 16th to switch off memory play)
  • HTP, LTP and Merge function for digital inputs and selectable priorities for inputs
  • 9 predefined and 1 edit able control curves
  • 40 memory locations to store sceen (the first 14 memory assigned to isolated dry contact inputs)
  • Secvential memory play for the stored sceenes with selectable first and last memory positions (7) with adjustable play times
  • Informations on LCD from each modules:
    • Modul type and its output protectinon type
    • Attributes (3)
    • MCB switched on or off
    • Output current per channel (4)
    • State of the fan
    • Module temperature

Functions of the power modules:

  • 6-channel model with 10A (2,3kW), 13A (3kW) or 16A (3,7kW) ouptut current (output power) per channel
  • 3-channel model with 25A (5,7kW) ouptut current (output power) per channel
  • 1-channel model with 63A (15kW) ouptut current (output power)
  • Noise filtering min. 250us (between 10%-90% at 90° phase angle and full load, in case of dimmer and FLX module)
  • Selectable output protections per module:
    • 1P MCB
    • 1P+N MCB
    • 2P MCB
    • Commone RCB (30mA, A type) for the protection above
    • RCBO (30mA) per outputs (combinated MCB+RCD)
  • Selectable module types:
    • Triac/thyristor dimmer module
    • Relay module
    • Hybrid dimmer/relay/hot power modul (FLX™) (2) optionally relay mode indication outputs to wallboxes
    • Trailing edge dimmer with IGBT for 230V practical LED lights dimming
  • Bidirectional communication between the central processors and each bays
  • Monitored and returned parameters:
    • Hardvare and Firmware versions
    • Modul and its protection types
    • MCB state
    • Output currents (optional)
    • State of the internal fans
    • Module inside temperature

Platinum Cabin Control software features:

  • Up to 12 dimmer cabinets monitoring on local Ethernet (with Artnet based communication)
  • Displayed parameters per cabinets:
    • IP address
    • Firmware version of the central processor
    • ID of the active processor (main or backup)
    • Health of the modules inside the cabinet:
      • Module active – no error/warning
      • Module active – warning (e.g. MCB switched off)
      • Module active – error (e.g. overheat or fan error)
      • Module inactive – not installed or failed to reply
    • Load current per phases (optional)
    • State of the cabinet cooling fans
  • Displayed parameters per modules:
    • Modul hardvare and firmware version
    • Module type and its protection version
    • Per each channel:
      • DMX address (5)
      • Preheat (active of inactive) (5)
      • Output limitation (active of inactive) (5)
      • Control curve (selectable thru the diagnostic software) (6)
      • Notes by user for each outputs (e.g.: Fresnel2kFront, follow spot, etc.) (6)
      • Topologial numbers  (5)



The adjustable parameters (6) can be stored into a local database with name and creation/modification date. The software automatically generate an ID for each store (called Performance Number) wish stored in all cabinets and for next switch on the latest stored performance parameters will be displayed.

(1)  In case of switched off MCBs
(2) Mechanical relay in relay mode – load type independent switching – with 40A relays
(3) Attributes are: DMX address, Preheat, Output Limit, Control Curve
(4) If the module support
(5) Onléy display, not adjustabel from diagnostic software
(6) Can be stored to local database with name (Performance Name) and creation/modification date
(7) The 1st memory is dedicated for panic light, not selectable to memory sequence

Mains3P+N+PE (230 V/400 V Star 50 or 60 Hz max. 3×400 A (optionally 3×630 A)
Output channels and output current per channelMaximum 120 channel per cabinet (10A, 13A, 16A, 25A or 63A per output depends on bay type)
Protection of bay inputHRC fuses per bays and per phases (D02 40A)
Corrosion protectionElectrostatic sintering (RAL7011 and RAL7035)
Working temperature0 °C – 35 °C (RH: 0-90%, non-condensing)
Cabin sizes620×2000×620 (W×H×D in mm) Packagin sizes: 640×2020×640 (W×H×D in mm)
Cabin weight150-190 kg (without bays, configuration depend)
Bay weight10-18kg (depends on type)

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