Power-63/DUO in 3D

3x63A power distributor for two CEE32A and one AUX 16A outputs with RCD (30mA) protections. Fitted with 30mA RCBO for AUX and two 3P breakers and 30mA RCDs for 3x32A outputs.

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Main features
  • 3×63 A input via male CEE connector (fixed to the back panel or with 1.2 m length 5×10 mm2 H07 rubber cable)
  • Two separated 3×32A output on CEE32A/5P female connectors
  • One of the 3x32A output comes with two parallel connected CEE32A/5P sockets
  • One AUX 16A Schuko or CEBEC output on the back
  • Two RCD protectors (30mA) for each CEE32A/5P output
  • C32A 3P circuit breakers for CEE32A/5P outputs
  • C63/3P mains MCB
  • Mains indicators


 Dimensions484×132×250 mm (plus connectors)
Package dimensions: 620×620×230 (W×H×D in mm)
 Weight9.5 kg (net), 11.5 kg (gross)

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