Power distributor series for 3x250A Mains Input with 8 times 3x32A or 4 times 3x63A Outputs

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Main features
  • 3×250A input via PowerLock connectors with optional link output
  • Adjustable 250A MCCB for mains protection
  • Four 3-phase 63A outputs on CEE63A 5P socket protected with 3P C63A MCBs and 63A/30mA RCDs (A-model)
  • Eight 3-phase 32A outputs on CEE32A/5P socket protected with 3P C32A MCBs and 40/30mA RCDs (B-model)
  • Digital multimeter (DMM) to monitor the main features of the incoming power line:
    • voltage between phases
    • voltage between phases and neutral
    • current on each phase
    • line frequency
    • operating time
    • peak and average display
  • AUX 16A Schuko outputs on the back with RCBO (C16A/30 mA)

Technical Specifications


DimensionsPower-250A: 484×399×350 mm (W×H×D, plus connectors)
Power-250B: 484×532×350 mm (W×H×D, plus connectors)
WeightPower-250A: 30/32 kg; (net / gross)
Power-250B: 35/37 kg (net / gross)


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